The International Festival of Independent Performing Arts Crossings is an eight-day social and learning event. The festival is designed as a platform for presenting domestic and foreign independent performing production in Maribor.

Contemporary independent theatre, as presented in this year’s edition, is open, creative, inclusive and uncompromising, with a special emphasis on the socio-political context in which it has been created or which is addressed by its content. The performances could be described as amusing, political or aesthetic, but in fact they are much more. The programme, consisting of performances from Palestine, the Czech Republic, Israel, Portugal and Slovenia, will encourage the spectators towards new reflections, considerations and views. Our mission – developing independent theatre – stems from our desire to promote an open and inclusive solidarity-based society, a society without prejudice and fear. This independence is understood as widely and inspiringly as possible – liberated of the control and power of the other, of trends and established frames. This independence is not arbitrary and self-contained, instead it offers the freedom of thinking, experiencing, and understanding the conditions of work and creation.

We believe that our programme is working to improve the quality of life in the town, country, region and more widely. Innovation and development (as well as greater equality) are the result of the desire for the new and unknown. We are expecting the audience and guests from abroad and Slovenia with open arms and hearts.


The Moment Arts and Culture Association is a non-governmental and non-profit organisation with the status of the public interest in the field of culture, established in 2006 with the purpose of creating and developing contemporary performing practices in their broadest sense. We are realising this mission with our own production, guest performances and the organisation of cultural and artistic events and activities that focus on encouraging creativity, professional training and cultural education, in cooperation with similar organisations, institutions and artists in the region, country and abroad. Since 2014 we have been a part of the interdisciplinary laboratory GT22, in which we coexist and cocreate with different associations and individual artists. On the community’s premises, we have established our own venue INTIMATE STAGE with regular production and programme.

Our projects are formed in diverse production models – formats, through research, experimentation, learning and (self)critique, in an endless search for possibilities and capabilities of expression.

The programme which is thus being created is moving away from the conventional and aims at surpassing itself each time anew. But we do not want to be here for our own sake. Our main aims include accessibility to all kinds of audiences and the expansion of theatrical awareness among different generations.

Contemporary, generically undefined, independent, puppet, kinetic, devised, experimental and street theatre (and we could go on) is intended for all. All of us who wish to cross our prejudice without fear and together experience something new.