Caught Movement

3.–18. may
#kineticsculpture #sitespecific #everydayobjects #objectheatre
The exhibited installations are the result of experiments with everyday objects, produced by artist Monika Pocrnjić in order to present a variety of ways bodies move. She has drawn the inspiration for her work from object theatre, and the exhibits play with different scenes of movement. The author has reconstructed motion in a duration of time, the interval between the observer and the observed, and between active and passive bodies. She has introduced a remade CD-player, designed on the basis of a zoetrope, a rotating disc with sequences of pictures which creates an impression of motion. The moving of compasses and origami birds is caught in time, the engine affects the speed of the act by overcoming weight and changing the material’s location. The viewer experiences scenes as a temporally continuous whole.


The residency is aimed at reflection on theatre and practical training in writing reviews. Participants will watch performances and analyse impressions at sessions and then put them down in the form of reviews, which will be published and posted on the festival website
During the festival, the residents will watch the festival performances and analyse them into detail under the mentorship of dramaturge and theatre critic Zala Dobovšek at internal workshops. The residency enables participants to form their own critical interpretations and to recognize various performing aesthetics.


The podcast series Intimate, made as part of the platform Maribor Is the Future, reflects on the state of the independent art scene in Maribor. We analyse and comment on the domestic and visiting performances on the Intimate Stage and the themes they tackle, we present the participating artists and ponder the general state of affairs in art and society, the motives behind the creation of particular performances and the conditions the artists have to face while making them. Two festival editions of commentary on performances, the Borštnik Season Ticket (2018) and the TSD Season Ticket (2019), were created in association with the Intimate series. Podcasts are recorded in the English or Slovenian language, depending on the guests. For the duration of the Crossings Festival, a podcast will be created after each performance, and the visiting artists, students and theatre critics will all participate in producing them. The recordings will be public, which means that attendants of the festival will be able to join in. This podcast series is an example of good practice of bringing together those involved in the GT22, as three associations with essentially distinct foci of activities work side by side in creating these podcasts. You can listen to Intimate Podcasts on the soundcloud Maribor Is the Future and on Radio MARŠ. They are moderated by dramaturge Nika Švab.


13.–15. may
A platform for young artists active in the field of performance arts (performers, set designers, musicians, visual artists, producers …) is intended for students in the last years of studies and fresh graduates. This is an international project, which connects art academies and non-governmental performance producers. The aim of the platform Start a Project is to build an interdisciplinary exchange of knowledge and production support, with a network for facilitating international residencies, staging performances, exchanging work approaches and methods and encouraging cooperation to create further new opportunities in an international environment. The Crossings Festival will host the first meeting of project partners, which will be also open to the interested public and which will offer time and space for sharing views and developing ideas.


Urban Garden, 12.–19. may / 10.00 a.m.
Meeting over morning coffee is open to all festival visitors. We are developing a less formal and a more relaxed format of introductions to performances and postperformance talks. You are welcome to share your impressions and interpretations of performances, which will be put into broader context considering the time and place of their creation. We will also discuss their differences in terms of genre, other examples of good practice in performing arts, and production conditions and structures in the independent scene, as well as exchange our experiences and opinions. Meetings over good coffee and nice thoughts will be coordinated by the Festival Board.


Round table on European elections, what do they bring to youth and what does youth bring to them

6. may

Recently, Europe has faced different challenges (migrations, unemployment among young people, protection of privacy, climate change etc.) and it is time to get informed about the current situation and step over into a new society without fear. We want to build an open, inclusive and solidarity-based society. This is the reason for organising a round table on the elections to the European parliament together with students and for students. The speakers from different fields that touch upon European politics and youth will take part in the roundtable discussion. The event is organised with the help of the Department for Sociology, Faculty of Arts of the University of Maribor, which has recently published the survey Youth 2018, in the framework of an international research project which is simultaneously implemented in ten countries of South East Europe. The main purpose of research is to determine, describe and analyse the young people’s relationships and behavioral patterns in contemporary society. The aspects covered by the study are youth’s education, employment, political participation, family relationships, free time, the use of information and communication technologies, and values and beliefs. Other guests will be Assoc. Prof. Rudi Klanjšek, PhD, Manja Toplak and Miha Blažič – N’toko.