Festival Programme

29 May / 10.00 / Maribor Puppet Theatre

(Centre for Creativity, Glej Theatre, Crossings Festival)

DECENTRALIZING ART: TRIGGER conference in cooperation of Glej Theatre with Centre for Creativity and Crossings Festival 2021

29 May / 5 p.m. / Great Hall of the Maribor Puppet Theatre

TRIGGER 2021: Hero 2.0 – The Show of All Shows
(Moment and En-Knap, Slovenia)

Only victory matters. History remembers only those who are on top.

29 May / 7 p.m. / GT22 Corner

Grand Opening of the Festival + Lyrical Moments in the City
(Moment + Bunker and Ensemble Leporello, Slovenia)

Cenjena publika! Začenja se najdaljši mariborski festival tega leta, začenjajo se Prestopi!

4 and 5 June / 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. / GT22 Corner

Hands Are Gold
(Andraž Jug and Slam zverine, Slovenia)

Let’s pave the way back to the theatre, back to the Intimate Stage!

5 June / 7 p.m. / Intimate stage, GT22

B O O M !
(Moment and GT22, Slovenia)

Between drama and performance, science and art.

11 and 12 June / 6 p.m. / Galileo 3000, Čira Čara Terrace by GT22

How Did We Get Here?
(Moment and Glej Theatre, Slovenia)

Narrative epopee

24 and 25 June / 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. (both days) / Intimate Stage, GT22

(Glej Theatre and Moment, Slovenia)

Radically tender ceremony

7 in 8 July / 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. (on both days) / Intimate Stage, GT22

Mi gran obra/My Big Work
(David Espinosa, Spain)

Mini puppet show that wants to be the biggest there is

9 July / 19.00 / Glavni trg

Juggling Concert
(Mismo Nismo, Slovenia)

Juggling and music connected - together: with more subversive power than ever before.

9 July / 9 p.m. / Auditorium of the Maribor Puppet Theatre

(Julien Cottereau, France)

A modern clown performance about a hero’s unimagined worlds of epic proportions