About Crossings festival 2023


The International Festival of Independent Performing Arts Crossings brings quality contemporary independent productions from abroad and home to Maribor. The first three editions took place in 2010, 2011 and 2012, then, after a few years’ hiatus, it was revived in 2019 and has been held biennially since then. The festival is organised by the Moment Arts and Culture Association, which operates in Maribor within the GT22 premises and takes care of the programme on the Intimate Stage. Their mission is to develop and produce contemporary independent theatre and to connect art with society and society with art.
This year’s festival programme of ten performances is curious, interested in human beings and people in relation to each other. The guest clowns, dancers, actresses and musicians all dream of a better world, test visions of the future, tell stories of the past and the present. They are not only looking for solutions within the status quo, but thinking of alternatives. And they take us away from the worries of everyday needs and benefits, at least temporarily.
We invite you to spend this extended week together with us. At performances, concerts and talks in different locations around the city. Where we’ll tell each other everything that’s going on. Where we will be critical of society, theatre, power, conformity and narrow-mindedness. And where all this will be a trigger, a reason and a cause for celebration. We will search for meaning and rejoice in life. Everything is on fire, but we’re acting up!


Our key mission is the production and development of independent theatre. We strive to make as many people as possible familiar with contemporary performance practices, to make them get to know them and to deal with them critically. We connect art with society and society with art. We are a space of community and sociability.
Our main activities include regular production and post-production of performances, organization and implementation of trainings, workshops, education and contents of culture-art education, as well as the organization of the biennial international festival Prestopi/Crossings.
In Maribor, we run the Intimate Stage, which has been growing in the shared spaces of GT22 since 2014.

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