Funk Fu is a Slovenian music band which blows up on stage like a musical explosion of funk, pop, and jazz. For several years now, an eight-member band has been providing evening relaxation with excellent music. The Funk Fu band will swing us for the very first time through the songs of their upcoming album at the concert.

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About the band:

The band was founded in 2017, initially with a desire for mutual musical development, but later with a focus on creating original music. Since then, they have released four singles, three in Slovenian and one in English language. They will conclude their first album It’s all fun and games in the spring of 2023.

The band: Klara Veteršek – vocal, Tilen Gavranovič – guitar, Blaž Avsenik – keyboards, Luka Dobnikar – bass, Luka Taler – drums, Žan Cesar – trumpet, Tibor Pernarčič – saxophone, Matthias Bernsteiner – trombone

On the programme:
20 May 2023 at 21:00
Location: Vetrinjski dvor mansion
Duration: 90 minutes
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