A workshop by Matias Pilet


How did the performance La Fuite/Escape become an acrobatic burlesque, and how can we also stage stories about the world in this language

Duration: 60 minutes

Author and mentor: Matias Pilet

About the workshop:

The workshop will be conducted by Matias Pilet, co-author of the performance La Fuite/Escape. Matias will revisit segments of the performance with the participants. By mixing acrobatics and burlesque, he’ll try to show how acrobatics can create a language which allows you to tell a story and describe a state of the world.

About the author and mentor:

Author and mentor Matias Pilet was trained at the National School of Circus Arts in Rosny in France. He is drawn to acrobatics and dance. After an appearance in the film Parade (2012) by Olivier Meyrou, Matias began touring in 2012 with Nos Limites which was choreographed by Radhouane El Meddeb and Acrobates with Stéphane Ricordel and Olivier Meyrou. With Olivier Meyrou he co-created the acrobatic solo TU (2015), La Fuite (2017), the part of Hektor in Terabak de Kyiv (2018), Les Aventures d’Hektor (2021), Anjalousia (2022) and the upcoming Huellas (2023-2024). Meanwhile, Matias Pilet also follows Gaga dance workshops.

Without admission.

Apply via e-mail info@moment.si until May 17.