Last Dropout is one of the legacy bands of the 2010s, known as the biggest Slovenian punk rock boyband. Officially retired in 2020, they honour their fans with a concert once or twice a year. Sometimes they rehearse five times, sometimes 15 times, sometimes 16 times, one time it was almost 20 times.
They usually play original songs, but they are happy to play a cover that gets the audience’s blood pumping. It makes millennials nostalgic for better times, and shows zoomers the integration of electronica and trap into punk rock. Their concerts can be classified as theatrical comedy with a tempo of about 120 beats per minute.

About the band:

The band consists of three members, true Styrian stallions. Frontman Oak (Urban Kos) plays guitar and sings, is responsible for recording the music videos and basically everything else. He is the author of one of the biggest Styrian hits – Rajko. The next member is Zeko (Alen Zarič), the drummer who has a really good time drumming. Some say he stole his moves from Travis Barker, but he says he has never heard of him, as he doesn’t play accordion in the Slovenian ensemble. The handsomest member is Wayne (Žiga Vehovec), who plays the bass and has recently been practising very hard. Consequently, he is confident and the funniest member of the band. He is also a renowned DJ in Berlin.

The band: Urban Kos – vocal and guitar, Alen Zarič – drums, Žiga Vehovec – bass

On the programme:
12 May 2023 at 21:00
Location: Vetrinjski dvor mansion
Duration: 60 minutes
Free entry