About the Festival



Crossings are a festival. A festival is an intersection, a guesthouse, a time of meetings, exchanges, contacts. Let’s hang out! Crossings will happen. From 29 May onwards: surprises in the city’s everyday life, long-awaited performances in the darkness of an enclosed space and under the open sky, hangouts in the city, conversations, reflections with glasses in hands, poetry, dancing, puppets, naked and clothed bodies, new murals… Applause and cheers!

It is essential for our work and our lives that we plan things. The current government is working against any planning. And we do not accept the phrase that that’s how it is. No! There’s always something, there’s always some shit. Yeah, the coronavirus is pretty specific shit, but it didn’t just miraculously erase everything else. From the very beginning the existence and history of Moment, Intimate Stage, Crossings and everything we do has been based on the zeal and naive belief that just about anything is possible. We believe in a better world and we believe it is worth fighting for. We do not offer answers, we propose an agreement. And once we get close to the agreements, we believe we will be closer to the answers as well.

Let’s encourage each other every day, over and over again, to become a better version of ourselves. Let’s talk, laugh, sing, shout, caress, jump, dance, bark at the moon. We love meeting new people. We like to discuss all night about the performance we just saw. Truly, straightforward, without screens. We love doing a festival like that and think of you. Of us. Let’s do it together. We miss you.

We hope in spite, we persist with the zeal of Don Quixote. That is our reality. No one and nothing can take that away from us. No one will take that away from us.


The Moment Arts and Culture Association is a non-governmental and non-profit organisation with the status of the public interest in the field of culture, established in 2006 with the purpose of creating and developing contemporary performing practices in their broadest sense. We are realising this mission with our own production, guest performances and the organisation of cultural and artistic events and activities that focus on encouraging creativity, professional training and cultural education, in cooperation with similar organisations, institutions and artists in the region, country and abroad. Since 2014 we have been a part of the interdisciplinary laboratory GT22, in which we coexist and cocreate with different associations and individual artists. On the community’s premises, we have established our own venue INTIMATE STAGE with regular production and programme.

Our projects are formed in diverse production models – formats, through research, experimentation, learning and (self)critique, in an endless search for possibilities and capabilities of expression.

The programme which is thus being created is moving away from the conventional and aims at surpassing itself each time anew. But we do not want to be here for our own sake. Our main aims include accessibility to all kinds of audiences and the expansion of theatrical awareness among different generations.

Contemporary, generically undefined, independent, puppet, kinetic, devised, experimental and street theatre (and we could go on) is intended for all. All of us who wish to cross our prejudice without fear and together experience something new.

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