Festival premiere and The Audience Council

Bad Company will happen in Maribor. Here this time for the first time. Namely on 20 August. At 9 p.m. On the Intimate Stage. And then again a day later. With us. Because without us there is no Bad Company. We do it sociably and socially. We make it what it is and it makes us what we are. At least those 90 minutes as long as the performance lasts. And then at least as long as we talk about it. Because it’s worth talking about an experience that is worth talking about. We will be speaking on 20 August at The Audience Council, which will be held immediately after the show. And a day later on a chat that became a regularity of the Crossings Festival. We look forward to all of us!

The Audience Council is a series of public conversations with audience members that take place directly after events produced by independent producers of contemporary performing arts. There are no theoretical discussions at the Council, the word is given to the spectators, their opinions and feelings, expectations and disappointments, surprises and misunderstandings. The Audience Council will take place for the first time in Maribor, on the Intimate Stage, immediately after the premiere of Bad Company The gathering will be moderated by actress, author and spectator Katarina Stegnar. Stay with us for a pleasant gathering and exchange of views and impressions.

You can read more about the performance here and more about The Audience Council here.
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