Greetings to the vulvae and also to those at heart and to those who are not

If you are one of those who are interested in documentary-educational content, reinforced with practical puppet examples in a mostly sung manner, then mark Friday, 27 August, and Saturday, 28 August, in your calendar for Crossings because it’s going to be so funny you’ll die and at the same time so shocking you’ll die too.

Primož Ekart, a middle-aged man and director with a vulva in his heart, became a noble director at the Days of Comedy, saying that in a witty and comical way he opens various directing strategies that fill the show with the shockingly topical theme of the female vulva and its role in history. In the play, he allows the viewer to enter a community that is committed to equality and provides us with a mirror of the time in which we live.

Long live! Stay healthy and see you in the theatre.

You can read more about the performance here.
Tickets are available at our online self-service shop and at the event venue.