Hands Are Gold

Let’s pave the way back to the theatre, back to the Intimate Stage! For the first time since the autumn of 2020, it will be able to open its door to the public.

Andraž Jug & Slam zverine will pave the path and lay the tiles. Metaphorical. Symbolic. Literal. To a staircase leading to GT22 from the Židovska Street.

Would you like to help? Would you like to sweep, draw, poetise, stir, sharpen, slam, cut, lay, perform, level, grout, hang out, wash, and pave the way for culture?

Culture needs new workforce. Come in clothes that you won’t mind to make dirty. We will pay off your help with a workers’ snack.

On Saturday, 5 June, at 6 p.m., the renovated staircase will be opened with a poem and we will be able to enter the theatre – with the performance B O O M !

After work we will take a well-deserved break, and in the evening we will move to the Jewish Square, where Jazz ‘ma mlade with birds of unknown (SI) and Borna Pehar 4tet (CRO / SI) begins!


According to government regulations, participation in cultural events is permitted to persons with a negative test for COVID-19, fully vaccinated persons, or persons who have recovered from COVID-19. This rule does not apply to children.

We must follow the recommendations regarding the maintenance of interpersonal distancing, proper wearing of masks, hand and cough hygiene.


City: Maribor
Duration: 240 minutes and 60 minutes
On the programme:
4 June 2021 at 3:00 pm
Vogal GT22
5 June 2021 at 6:00 pm
Vogal GT22