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Radically tender ceremony

Devised performance / The Affluent Drag Ensemble collective with co-workers

Citizens Dragana and Dragica traveled in 2020. Through the cycling protests, through the points of establishing a new statehood, through the key symbols of Sloveneness. Dressed in national costumes singing those old, good, popular tunes. He who sings does not think badly. The longer they walked, the more they wished they were not so much a citizen, but rather a resident. Now they have arrived at the theatre. It’s time for the Jubilee.

What builds and what disintegrates a nation? Who are we and where are we going? What is our identity and how do we transcend it? Is that even possible? Desired? Urgent? In this process, how do we build a relationship with ourselves, with each other and with everything that defines us? How to get rid of the weight of symbols? Is it possible to wash away the sins of the state through symbolic decomposition? What is our alternative? Where do we find freedom? What lies beyond nation, state, humanity? And where in the flood of hard populism is there room for radical tenderness as a point of ultimate resistance to all forms of oppression?

The Affluent Drag Ensemble:

Danijel Petković is a dancer, performer and actor. He dedicates himself to contemporary dance and performance, new burlesque and hybrid forms of performing arts. He is a permanent member of the Feminalz collective, with which, as Dee Dee Void, he co-creates the techno-burlesque Image Snatchers.

Rok Kravanja is an actor who works in both institutional and non-institutional projects. The focus of his work is in exploring the relationship with the audience and overcoming the boundaries of classical theatrical frameworks trough the productions of Via Negativa, Maska, Moment, Škuc, Glej Theatre.

Urban Belina works as a post-media creator, curator, literary translator and writer. He focuses on exploring the political potential of queer images, health care, the welfare industry, borderline anatomies and identities of the rainbow spectrum, as well as other diverse expressions and syndromes of (post)human existence.

Ajda Tomazin is a designer and a choreographer. She completed her Master’s degree in Choreography and Performance with dr. Bojana Kunst. Her specificity is that she participates in projects with integrated concepts that include choreography and design – the design of visuals, space; thereby creating a special language and methodology of the creative process.


According to government regulations, participation in cultural events is permitted to persons with a negative test for COVID-19, fully vaccinated persons, or persons who have recovered from COVID-19. This rule does not apply to children.

We must follow the recommendations regarding the maintenance of interpersonal distancing, proper wearing of masks, hand and cough hygiene.


Concept, direction and scenography: En drag ansambel (Rok Kravanja, Daniel Petković, Urban Belina and Ajda Tomazin)
Dramaturgy: Urban Belina and Jasmina Založnik
Performers: Rok Kravanja and Daniel Petković
Sound design: Slaviša Stevanović (Evano)
Light design: Grega Mohorčič
Technical direction: Grega Mohorčič (Glej Theatre) and Andrej Firm (Moment)
Technical support: Brina Ivanetič, Simon Bezek and Žan Rantaša
Photography: Ajda Tomazin in Ivian Kan Mujezinović
Mask design for promotional photose: Tina Prpar
Documentary video: Borut Bučinel
Poster and programme booklet design: Mina Fina and Ivian Kan Mujezinović / Grupa Ee
Editor of the programme booklet: Tery Žeželj
Public relations: Tjaša Pureber (Glej Theatre) and Maša Stošič (Moment)
Producers: Anja Pirnat (Glej Theatre) and Nika Bezeljak (Moment)
Partners: Glej Theatre and Moment in cooperation with the Odprti predali Institute
Co-financed by: the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia, the City Municipality of Ljubljana and the City Municipality of Maribor
We would like to thank: Daja and Rado Kravanja, Ljubljana Puppet Theatre and Andreja Kovač

City: Maribor
Duration: 50 min
On the programme:
24 June 2021 at 7:00 pm
Intimni oder, GT22
24 June 2021 at 9:00 pm
Intimni oder, GT22
25 June 2021 at 7:00 pm
Intimni oder, GT22
25 June 2021 at 9:00 pm
Intimni oder, GT22