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Round table on European elections, what do they bring to youth and what does youth bring to them

Recently, Europe has faced different challenges (migrations, unemployment among young people, protection of privacy, climate change etc.) and it is time to get informed about the current situation and step over into a new society without fear. We want to build an open, inclusive and solidarity-based society. This is the reason for organising a round table on the elections to the European parliament together with students and for students. The speakers from different fields that touch upon European politics and youth will take part in the roundtable discussion.

The event is organised with the help of the Department for Sociology, Faculty of Arts of the University of Maribor, which has recently published the survey Youth 2018, in the framework of an international research project which is simultaneously implemented in ten countries of South East Europe. The main purpose of research is to determine, describe and analyse the young people’s relationships and behavioral patterns in contemporary society. The aspects covered by the study are youth’s education, employment, political participation, family relationships, free time, the use of information and communication technologies, and values and beliefs. Other guests will be Assoc. Prof. Rudi Klanjšek, PhD, Manja Toplak and Miha Blažič – N’toko.